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Phi Brows

  • 2 hr 15 min
  • €400 in installments
  • Location 1

Service Description

WHAT ARE PHI BROWS? Phi Brows are a semi permanent brow treatment that is done using a hand held tool to create a brow using hyper realistic strokes. The shape of the brow will be done using the morphology of the face and the golden proportion (phi 1,618). HOW ARE PHI BROWS DONE? Phi brows are a two session treatment. At your first treatment, we will begin with a consultation. The consultation takes roughly 30 minutes, this is where we will discuss your desired result. The brow will be drawn out in a brow pencil to allow you see the shape before starting the treatment, your eyes will be closed during the consultation process as this allows for the muscles to be relaxed. Once you are happy with the drawn out shape, the treatment will be done using a sterile and disposable tool. Using only the highest standard pigments, the strokes will always be drawn in the direction of the natural hair growth to create a hyper realistic brow. The second session is done 4-6 weeks later. This is needed as the first session will fade at least 50% in colour and you can loose between 10-20% of strokes. Once the second session is done, the brows can last anywhere between 12-18months. However, if you wish to keep the brows fresh and crisp you will need to have them topped up between 6-12months. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing for sure when you will need a top up as a lot of different factors come in to play, i.e. oily skin will break the pigment down quicker or being in the sun will fade the brows quicker too. DOES THE TREATMENT HURT? The treatment is usually compared to tweezing or threading and can be a little uncomfortable at the start. Once we have passed through the brows once, we will use a light anesthetic which will then make the treatment completely painless. CAN ANYONE GET IT DONE? Unfortunately no, you cannot have the treatment done while being pregnant or breast feeding. There is also some medication will stop you from having the treatment done. If you are currently taking any medication or have been taking medication the last 6-12 months, please let me know before your first treatment so we can make sure the treatment is safe to do. PLEASE NOTE: if you have had the treatment done elsewhere before, please send us a clear photo of the brows so we can access if you are a suitable candidate to have the brows done with ourselves.

Contact Details

  • 0857379249

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